Friday, 31 October 2014

Crafty Catz Challenge: Anything Goes

Hello and Happy Halloweeeeeeen! Mwaahaahaaaa!

It's Friday again! Where does the time go?!

This week's challenge over at the Crafty Catz is 'Anything Goes' and was chosen by our sweet Carol, the best boss lady ever :) It is Halloween and I know I should have made something fitting, but I am somehow in a Christmas mood and for me making Christmas cards is a sweet reminder that Crimbo is just around the corner! I can't wait! Before I show you what I made for this challenge I would like to mention that we have TWO sponsors this week:

Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Dragonfly art CASEd by Janine

Hi there!

I have something special for you today! I was recently contacted by a lovely lady called Janine! She happened to see my 'Dragonfly' artwork on Marjie Kemper's lovely website and decided to CASE it. Well, Janine contacted me to show me her masterpiece and I was absolutely amazed by her wonderful work...

How amazing is this?! Just to remind you, here's my piece... 

Janine even used my technique where you mix a clear embossing powder with gesso to create a paste that you that heat up until it bubbles a little. Once you've added some inks or other water based colour to your project the embossed parts will act as a resist and create additional texture. Those white embossed bubbled areas almost highlight the raised parts... hard to explain,.. just give it a go! Try it for yourself! You can see my original post HERE

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Janine for showing me her amazing artwork/card and want her to know that I feel very flattered and honoured that she has taken the time and made an effort to CASE one of my creations! Thank you, Janine! 


Ingrid xxx 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Boo! ...tag using my new Cling Film Emboss technique...

Hi there! Me again! :)

Have you had a chance to play yet? No?! Need more inspiration? Well, as promised earlier on today here's the Halloween tag where I used my newly found technique that I simply call 'Cling Film Emboss'.. catchy, I know, but I couldn't think of anything fancier :)

Once I heat embossed the pattern created using my cling film and the Distress Embossing powder (Rust) I added some more Distress Inks, sponging, splatters and some stamping using Tim Holtz Stamps...

TECHNIQUE ALERT!!! - Cling film emboss


I'm very excited to share a new technique with you! I came up with it yesterday when I was showing my dear Mum something whilst crafting. I got the idea and had to try it right away and to my delight... it worked! And it worked beautifully! It is soooo simple and effective you will really enjoy this one!

I'm going to show you a couple of backgrounds and the finished cards first and then I will talk you through the process...

Friday, 24 October 2014

Crafty Catz Challenge: Thank you!


I hope you are all well, lovely crafty people!

There's a new challenge at the Crafty Catz challenge blog today and the theme is 'Thank you!' and was chosen by our lovely Anna. How lovely! I knew I wanted to create something artsy and pretty and a little dreamy and hope I have achieved that, but before I show you I'd like to mention our generous sponsors and what you might win if you have a go at the challenge this week.


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Speed Craft Challenge #5: Halloween


I am so late with this post it's not even funny! I had such a crazy day sorting out the girls' wardrobes, it was quite something... it took most of the day! How many clothes does a baby need for three months?!! But here I am and quite excited as I found out that my autumnal journal page was selected as one of the favourites at the Craft Hoarders Anonymous Blog! Yay! Thank you! I shall display my new badge with pride! :)

It is time for a new challenge at the Speed Craft Challenge Blog and this time it is lovely Donna who has chosen our theme: Halloween! Mwuaahaahaaaaa! Are you scared yet? Don't be! we have adjusted the crazy 10 minute allowance to 15 minutes to give you a helping hand so don't let me hang in there and have a go! Join the fun! :)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Multicoloured Stamping


I hope you are well? Thank you for all your recent well wishes and kind comments. Reading them make me feel better already :) 
I wish I could say that I have recovered from my surgery, but I couldn't be further from it. I am still in a lot of pain, have difficulty eating unless I take the strong pain killers that make me sleepy, very, very slow and totally useless. My throat is still covered in the yucky stuff and it is now 6/7th day after the operation... I had a really bad day yesterday. I collapsed on the bathroom floor followed by throwing up bloody water. I's been awful. I just have to battle through it so please bear with me... 

I did manage to make one card inspired by the Craft Stamper Magazine and their current 'Take It, Make It' challenge 'Multicoloured Stamping'.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Crafty Catz Challenge: Black + one other colour


I'm scheduling this post so will keep it brief. By now I would have had my operation on 13th and am probably in a recovery mode. BUT...

It's finally Friday and time for a new challenge over at the Crafty Catz Challenge Blog! Exciting times :)

This week's challenge is called 'Black + one other colour' and was chosen by our sweet Aunty Sue (skin & hair colours on your image are allowed also white may be counted or not as a colour). Easy, right?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Recovery Mode


I'd like to thank you all for leaving sweet comments on my recent spooky creation and regarding my operation. It's so nice to hear from you. I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment. x

I had an operation on my throat on Monday which went well. I had my tonsils removed, but the surgeon found a cyst next to one of the tonsils and decided to remove it during the procedure. They sent it off for testing to see if it is not cancerous. I will have some news within the next 6 - 8 weeks.... hopefully a good one!

I'm currently in a recovery mode at home. My Mum is here looking after the girls. I am in a lot of pain so have to take some seriously strong painkillers. My throat looks like hell and I find it hard to eat and drink anything and the pain killers make this possible. However these pills make me feel very dizzy and sleepy meaning I haven't been able to create or visit your blogs very much.

Please bear with me for the meantime. Hopefully the antibiotics will help to clear my throat soon and the pain will ease so that I don't have to take the painkillers and get out of the zombie mode. :) I can barely see the screen as I type..

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bewaaaare!!! Poison!

Good morning!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend? Mine started rather unusually and everything hurts right now! I have a muscle ache all over...! I consider myself quite an intelligent person, but sometimes I do really stupid things and my Friday shopping escapade was one of them. To elaborate...

Greg was going to help out a friend down in the country on Saturday so wasn't able to do our weekly shop by car. So I thought.. We need some milk anyway I'll take the suitcase and put my weekly shop in there.. I've done our weekly shop before putting it all in a pushchair. Silly, but when our car stopped working that was the only way in order to avoid trotting all the way to the shop with the kids three times a week! No way! This suitcase is one of those soft on top but has wheels. So anyway, I put it on the bottom of my deep trolley, start packing my full bags into it at the till, go outside and then attempt to remove about 30kg bag out of the deep trolley!!!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Crafty Catz Challenge: Autumn

Hello lovelies!

Happy Friday to you all! It's time for a new challenge over at The Crafty Catz Challenge Blog. This week's challenge is called 'Autumn' and this theme was chosen by our lovely Janette. Autumn is awesome ... unless you live in London and your kitchen roof decides to leak!!

Our sponsor this week:

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Speed Craft Challenge #4: Ink Sprays & Spritzers


How are you today?

I'd like to welcome my lovely new followers. I hope you enjoy the journey... Thank you for joining me here!

If you are new to my blog then you will find that Keren Baker and I have recently got a few talented crafty souls together and set up a new blog called the Speed Craft Challenge. The idea is to create ANY type of creation (a tag, a card, an ATC, an art journal page, crochet something,... the possibilities are endless...) but you have only 10 mins to craft! The good thing is you can think about it first, gather your supplies and then hit the stopwatch. Our challenges are bi-weekly, every other Thursday and usually have a theme. This time it is Nikki's turn to pick a theme and her choice is 'Ink Sprays & Spritzers'. How cool is that?!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Featured by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer: Stencil Techniques

Balzer Designs

I hope you are having a good week? Mine's been a bit crazy so far, but very good indeed! My Mum arrived on Saturday, Chloe' is back to her energetic cheeky loud self and I have a super-exciting post for you today! Ha!

Firstly, I'd like to welcome my new blog buddies! So great that you joined me here! :) I hope you will enjoy my posts...

I have a slightly different post for you today. It is very special for me and I hope you will find some time to explore what I'm about to show you. I'd like to invite you to visit the Balzer Designs blog today, because what you will find there is my guest blog post! That's right!! It was my dear friend Donna who made me aware of Julie being curious about our favourite stenciling techniques. I left a comment on Julie's post and emailed her about my love for stenciling with oil pastels, stamping over stencils and creating fun backgrounds by removing colour knowing Julie wanted to start guest series about the subject. It was the most wonderful when Julie replied saying she loved the ideas and would like to feature them on her blog! Thank you, Julie! It is very much appreciated! I feel very honoured! xx

Friday, 3 October 2014

CAS Card with a Sequin Butterfly Embellishment


I promised you another post today so here it is. You can read my first post HERE.

I recently read a description of 'CAS' (clean and simple) style and one of those characteristics was to keep these kind of cards embellished to minimum. Well, I'm a giiiiirl! I like bling and I like shiny and I want my card to look pretty so I decided to be a little bit rebellious and came up with an idea. I thought... what if my focal point was some kind of a bling! Ha! It went from there...

Crafty Catz Challenge: All Sentimental


I'm sorry I'm a little late with my post for the Crafty Catz today! Needless to say that I didn't get to sleep much again and then had to dash to the Doctor again this morning (just got back), because Chloe' woke up with some red splotches/spots all over her face and her body. You can image I was worried, but the Doctor sent me home with a print out saying it is just a viral rash and a reaction to whatever she has had. So, I thought she was having those temperatures because of her teeth and now it is a viral rash? I'm trying really hard to trust the Doctor and crossing even my toes that this will pass soon. Poor thing, she is so tired too, clearly in pain because of her big teeth cutting through and now this 'viral' rash as well. She still manages to  be cheeky and crack a smile or two though :) She's such a sweet thing. She had a little sing along and a dance whilst watching bubble guppies this morning :)

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Birthday Butterflies


Thank you for stopping by! This is a post no 200! Wow! What a crazy 9 months I've had :)

I'd like to welcome my new blog buddies! Thank you for joining me here! You're a fabulous and talented bunch! I hope you will enjoy my future posts.

What a week I've had so far!! There has been ups like winning the Top 3 at The Little Bit Crafty and downs like having to have to get a new washing machine and staring blankly at about 10 loads of washing whilst my younger daughter having 39*C+ temperatures for the last three days and nights and visibly in pain every night. I ended up not sleeping for three days and any sleep I got was sitting and holding her! I took her to the doctors on Tuesday, got some medicine and was asked to get a wee sample for them as they couldn't see any signs of an infection. Well, collecting a sample from a baby is easier said than done! They give you a sticky sachet to be attached and a nappy can be put on. Our first go was a massive failure as it all leaked out into her nappy, the second one she pooed on and the third go was a success! It turns out that there is not infection so it was probably her big teeth cutting through. My goodness!