Thursday, 23 October 2014

Speed Craft Challenge #5: Halloween


I am so late with this post it's not even funny! I had such a crazy day sorting out the girls' wardrobes, it was quite something... it took most of the day! How many clothes does a baby need for three months?!! But here I am and quite excited as I found out that my autumnal journal page was selected as one of the favourites at the Craft Hoarders Anonymous Blog! Yay! Thank you! I shall display my new badge with pride! :)

It is time for a new challenge at the Speed Craft Challenge Blog and this time it is lovely Donna who has chosen our theme: Halloween! Mwuaahaahaaaaa! Are you scared yet? Don't be! we have adjusted the crazy 10 minute allowance to 15 minutes to give you a helping hand so don't let me hang in there and have a go! Join the fun! :)

The hair at the back of my neck rose a little when Donna told me she wanted to do a Halloween challenge as I have no Halloween stamps whatsover. No, not kidding! I am not the one to be left out of the game so I came up with an idea! I made two quick Halloween finger puppets for the girls! Yay! I also wanted to reiterate that the Speed Craft Challenge blog accepts ANY type of craft as long as it takes no longer than 15 minutes. Here they are...

Fun, right? I can't believe it took me less than 10 minutes, but they are seriously easy to make especially if you use a glue gun like me! :) The bat gave me a little headache as I couldn't figure out the wings but got there in the end.
The purple one was a thin felt whereas the black on is thicker and doesn't look as neat. So if you decide to make these you know what to get! :) The thicker is good for the bat though as it holds a shape... oh, I'll leave that to you :)

I hope you can join us this time. If you are going to play with us please don't forget to mention in your post how long it took you (exactly!!) to finish your project or if it took you longer than 15 minutes then take a picture of your 15 minute make and carry on crafting, then take another to show us what you intended to make, however, you can only submit the one you took at 15 minutes. Thank you!

Now hop over to our Speed Craft Challenge Blog to check out the fun projects my lovely team mates created to inspire you for the next two weeks!

Thank you and stay blessed!

Ingrid xx


  1. Great finger puppets Ingrid.. in such a short period of time!
    Hope you feel a bit better !

  2. Lovely puppets, glad you are on the mend! Valerie

  3. Now these are super cute Inka,wow you made them so quick as well,bet the girls loved them :)

    Extra big hugs
    Inky xxxx

  4. Very cute finger puppets, great bat wings! Have to get my thinking cap on for this one:-) xxx

  5. Great idea for a quick project Ingrid, love them. Maybe make a pair of Halloween gloves! Lol. Nikki xx

  6. Oh my gosh, this is so much fun and in 7 minutes! What a crafty genius you are! hugs :)

  7. Great work Ingrid and all in less than 10 minutes too! Anne xx


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